Glasgow’s Youth Early Music Ensemble or


If you want to book us please send an email.

There are about 10 in the group. We play in an arc contained by a rectangle with dimensions 8m X 3m, but can squash up a bit.

We normally require a set up time of 15 minutes although if we have a green room or similar facility we can basically walk on and off. Outdoors we really need a PA unless the acoustics are favourable (ie. nearby walls).

We don’t make as much noise as, for example jazz band, but we do use drums and make more noise than a string quartet or recorder group. The music is best descibed as tuneful, often beautiful with a few loud and very cheerful bits.

Two weeks notice is a working minimum, but it depends if we have a performance ready. The more notice the better. We play for events such as weddings, and also do background music for dinners, banquets and receptions.


If you want to play with us please send an email at either of the above email addresses.

The group at present ranges from 12 to 18 and some times older. Basically it is a group with players from Primary School to University. The young players are obviously very good and it is well worth having them in the group because by the time they are 15 or 16 they know a lot about this sort of music.

Instruments used to date: Recorders*, Flute, Crumhorns, Bass Viol, various drums, Strings,* Clarsach*, Lute, Cittern, Cornett, Trombone* and Sackbutt.

We have no compunction about using modern instruments where it does not interfere with the character of the music. We usually carry a full string quartet in the group and for folk sets use keyboard and guitars.

We always need singers*!

*Current prioriities are asterisked.

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